Sermons on “Genesis”


Crisis Management Then And Now

Under absolute authority of the King.
Genesis 47:13-26

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God Incognito, Again

Standing on the promises of God.
Genesis 28

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Necessary Losses

Leaving, Losing and Letting Go

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God Sees God Provides

Scripture assures us that God provides. We don’t always believe this because His provision is providential.
Genesis 24,28,42,45,50

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Jacob’s Judgement Seat Part 2

Our anger is so acidic it can eat right through the most precious parts of our lives.
Genesis 49:1-7

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Even a Life of Dreams Has Zigs and Zags

God can use our life regardless of the twists and turns we take along the way.
Genesis 37:5-20

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Jacob’s Judgement Seat

Pastor Thompson parallels the judgement seat of Christ with Jacob’s judgement of his firstborn son Reuben.
Genesis 49:1-4

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The Bible’s Saddest Love Story

What Goes Around Comes Around
Genesis 29:15-30:13

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God Incognito

God is in control of every situation.
Genesis 28:1-22

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Doing The Right Thing The Wrong Way

Making a decision based only on your feelings is a foolish way of living.
Genesis 27:1-41

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