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What Should We Believe About Angels

Part 1
A proper Biblical perspective on angels and demons.

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Saved But Not Converted

Part 1 – Peter’s Status
A study of the apostle Peter.
Luke 22:31-34

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Crisis Management Then And Now

Under absolute authority of the King.
Genesis 47:13-26

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Your Best Solution to Your Biggest Problems

Too much of this and too little of that.
Matthew 14, John 6

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Jeremiah’s Bout With Doubt

Faith is tested and tried with fire to refine it.
Jeremiah 32:1-27

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An Overview Of Job

Evangelist Tom Hayes walks through the story of Job.

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Almost Saved

Our intellect, emotions and will must be submissive to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Acts 26:1-28

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Lessons From The Birds And Flowers

Jesus has a flower for you.
Matthew 6:25-33

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Jesus Finds Zacchaeus

The evidence of repentance.
Luke 19:1-10

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