What If God Leaves You Alone

Hosea 3-4

Hosea 3:4-5
For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince, And without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod, And without teraphimafterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the Lord their God, and David their king; and shall fear the Lord and his goodness in the latter days.


1. Alone without a King – He takes HONOR Away

2. Alone without a Prince – He takes HELP Away

Hosea 4:1-3 AMP
Hear the word of the Lord, you children of Israel, for the Lord has a [legal] case with the inhabitants of the land, Because there is no faithfulness [no steadfast love, no dependability] or loyalty or kindness Or knowledge of God [from personal experience with Him] in the land. There is [false] swearing of oaths, deception [broken faith], murder, stealing, adultery; they employ violence, so that one [act of] bloodshed follows closely on another.  Therefore the land [continually] mourns, and everyone who lives in it languishes [in tragic suffering] Together with the animals of the open country and the birds of the heavens; even the fish of the sea disappear.

3. Alone without a Sacrifice- He takes HOPE Away

Hosea 3:4-5 MSG
The people of Israel are going to live a long time stripped of security and protection, without religion and comfort, godless and prayerless.

4. Alone without an Image –  He takes Humility Away

Hosea 4:16
For Israel is stubborn, like a stubborn heifer.  Can the Lord now pasture them like a lamb in a large field?

Hosea 4:16
For Israel is stubborn, like a stubborn heifer.  Can the Lord now pasture them like a lamb in a large field?

5. Alone without an Ephod – He takes his HAND Away

Hosea 4:6-8 AMP
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [of My law, where I reveal My will]. Because you [the priestly nation] have rejected knowledge,
I will also reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God,
I will also forget your children7 The more they multiplied [in numbers and increased in power], the more they sinned against Me; I will change their glory into shame.  They (the priests) feed on the sin offering of My people and set their heart on their wickedness.

Hosea 4:17 AMP
Ephraim is joined to idols, So LET HIM ALONE [to suffer the consequences].

6. Alone without a Teraphim-  He takes away HERESY

1 Kings 12:28-30
28 Whereupon the king took counsel, and made two calves of gold, and said unto them, It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem: behold thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt. 29 And he set the one in Beth-el, and the other put he in Dan30 And this thing became a sin: for the people went to worship before the one, even unto Dan.


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