Sermons on “Salvation”

Women’s Conference 2016 Part 2

The Journey of Charlotte Bise is the second of three sessions of the 2016 Women’s Conference. Guest Speaker Mrs Charlotte Bise.

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Women’s Conference 2016

The first of three sessions of the 2016 Women’s Conference. Guest Speaker Mrs Nichole Bulger

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One Day Too Late

The human life on earth is described as a vapor. We may be here today but gone tomorrow. Do you have your life planned out? Where will you be tomorrow? How sure can you be of the answers to those questions?

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A Salvation You Can Count On

The Apostle Paul had it all wrong . He was the most religious person around but he was blinded by his good deeds and self-righteous lifestyle. His eyes were open when his heart was pricked.
Philippians 3:5-9

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The Power Of The Cross

The Power Of The Cross is part 3 of the series What Really Happened At The Cross. We look at the awesome, redeeming, saving power of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.
Matthew 27:29-34 & Luke 23:39-43

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The Paradox Of The Cross

Calvary Love, What is it? The Innocent and Just being punished for the guilty and unjust. Giving mercy to the merciless. Those are just a few of the paradoxes of the cross. Those paradoxes are what we call Calvary Love.
Luke 23:33

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The Parody Of The Cross

Part 1 in the “What Really Happened At The Cross” series that takes a closer look at the people and events connected to the crucifixion of Jesus our Savior.
Luke 23:33-37

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Help For Your Unbelief

Crisis can often expose our level of faith in God. We must be sure that our prayer life in not diminished by our unbelief.
Mark 9:24

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Almost Or Altogether

The Apostle Paul, King Agrippa, and Governor Festus each make a statement. We take a look at what their words tell us in the message.
Acts 26:24-28

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A Clear And Present Danger

To ignore this powerful, practical and personal message could put you in clear and present danger.
Hebrews 3:1-12; Psalms 95:1-11

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